The torque converter seal leak is one of the big things to watch out for not only when purchasing a Cayenne, but also as an owner. The reason the seal leaks is due to coolant contamination from the coolant pipes on top of the engine that like to break. Finally, a faulty clutch inside your converter will not evenly distribute the vital fluids among the parts. When that happens, the torque converter will be unable to provide a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the transmission. It is like a mist that is blown backward on the under side of the transmission. Also when I replaced the front transmission pump, the transmission wouldn t spin when it was suppose to be in neutral. The customer said the leak was intermittent; sometimes the vehicle would go for weeks without leaking, and sometimes it would leak out a puddle more than a foot in diameter in a short period of time. 4/9/2016 0 Comments Torque Converter Problems: Signs, Causes, & Replacement. The torque converter is the part. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 26, 2017. Angelo-Yes, we recommend using BlueDevil Transmission Sealer to stop your leak. Torque Converter Problems: Signs, Causes, & Replacement. Affordable and around how much for labour.. 2) is it possible i can just buy the turbo blade ala carte and get it replace? BMW owners may complain of difficult shifting. Torque Converter Seal Leak. Also turbo blade a bit loose. 1. Leak in torque converter? Leaky fluids . The torque converter is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. fhore1 , Sep 21, 2016 #9 Torque Converter. 2001 325i with about 140k miles on it. So, I took the tranny to those guys and they replaced the bushing in the front pump and the front seal. If the torque converter seal is damaged, it could cause the transmission fluid within the bell housing to leak. Will this work? BlueDevil Pro says: January 4, 2016 at 1:19 pm. Symptoms your torque converter seal requires replacing Transmission fluid leaking under the vehicle; Low transmission fluid; Erratic transmission operation ; How is the torque converter seal replaced? 741 Posts . Best Portable Jump Starters 2021 Ford … I have cleaned this off once before, and it has come back again. The torque converter is a hydraulic pump which pressurizes the transmission fluid system and moves the fluid throughout the entire transmission. It's when you have a damaged torque converter seal that fluid leaks out and causes the overheating and damage. 3. and 5. Transmission leak from bell-housing area, after install of freshly-rebuilt 4L30E. This continues for a little bit, then it feels like the engine is having trouble keeping the car moving. A leak in your car can mean many different things. Refer to the following tech tip for helpful service pointers. Installs torque converter seals without damage in 1990 - 2011 GM 4T60 and 4T60E automatic transmissions found on most GM front wheel drive vehicles. Unfortunately, this might lead people to think they need expensive repairs, or even a full transmission replacement. 184k miles. Worn torque converter seal can cause transmission leak in some GM vehicles. The front seal keeps transmission fluid from leaking out where the torque converter mounts to the transmission case. May 23, 2020 #1. When I put the torque converter on I did it gently so I wouldn t damage the front seal. You should add 1 ounce of BlueDevil per every 1 quart of capacity; most likely you will not need the full bottle. Symptoms of a failing Input Shaft Seal? Thread starter Hasher; Start date May 23, 2020; H. Hasher Member. Diagnosing the cause of a transmission issue isn’t easy, but AAMCO Minnesota’s local technicians can help. I have a trans fluid leak from the torque converter seal...this has been confirmed. Bad Torque Converter Symptoms: Ford Ranger. May 23, 2020 #1. Symptoms: Juddering when driving; Fluid leak at the front of the transmission; Though it’s possible for a pump seal to wear down on its own, in 5L40-Es they tend to leak because of a more severe problem. After talking to a local transmission shop, they thought the problem was the front pump bushing. Only having a little knowledge of transmissions, I naturally assumed that the front seal was bad and that fluid was leaking past the seal and running down the converter. I have a 2001 Ford Taurus with 160,000 miles on it. Torque converters, have two inherent, weak spots the lock up clutches, we all know, and the stator, overrun clutch, or sprag, or one way clutch, no matter what you call it it is the leading cause of torque converter, failure. The bearings can become … Oil Leak From Torque Converter Cover Plate -- TSB 01-009?? As a consequence, there could be overheating, slippage, higher stall speeds, among other problems. It's strange because that's not where I noticed the leak this time. At this point I used 1 pint of ATF +4 topping it off. Plus, if a seal is bad, it could allow dirty transmission fluid to leak into other parts of your vehicle’s driveline and cause further damage. Similar to J-28540-A. We lubricated the seal, we made sure the torque converter was set all the way into the pump. This is the part that will make the transmission feel mushy and lazy, and also generates a large amount of heat, when it fails. i do not have the money to replace it so the shop told me its okay to drive as long as i keep an eye on the fluid level. Reply. The tail shaft wouldn t spin. So i tightened them accordingly to 8nm. Replacing the torque converter is cheaper. Common torque converter problems can take many forms, and diagnosing the cause of a wonky automatic transmission is fraught with complexity. Plus, if a seal is bad, it could allow dirty transmission fluid to leak into other parts of your vehicle’s driveline and cause further damage. When the transmission was out and i took out the torque converter i noticed that these two Torx bolts were not screwed in all the way, maybe 1 or 2 threads loose. If you have a transmission failure that released metal salt and friction-material particulates, then you should replace the torque converter as well because you can't fully flush out the debris. Remember, you don't experience either symptom unless you have the wrong amount of fluid or the wrong fluid in the transmission. Damaged Torque Converter Seals. Automatic transmissions have a similar seal, but it’s called a torque converter seal, or front pump seal. Slipping Transmission (Low Speed) The torque converter “stall speed” is the speed that the engine needs to be turning before the torque converter will begin engaging the transmission. Hi I have a torque converter seal leak and they want 1200 to put in the seal. The front pump seal looked like it was in good condition and it didnt appear that it had any leaks. Needle bearings help prevent the gears from wearing down. Need help on my f10 520i 1)Any recommended workshop to change my this 2 oil seals. Applications: 1990-2011 GM 4T60 and 4T60E automatic transmissions used on most General Motors front wheel drive vehicles, including from Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, Oldsmobile. Owners of some 2008-13 General Motors cars and SUVs may come into your store with a complaint of a transmission leak. Some transmissions may have fluid leaking from or around … Failures within the torque converter can cause symptoms similar to a failing transmission, so include it in a diagnosis of suspected transmission problems. it has not statered to get hot but is loosing all the fluid in about 4 hours. The cost to fix a transmission fluid leak in a vehicle can be as little as $150 to replace a seal and around $1,000 to for a new torque converter. Ignoring these leaks and allowing permanent damage to the transmission can lead to several thousands of dollars of repair costs as you must pay for a transmission rebuild or replacement. Mine started leaking today -- drips ATF out of the bell housing. And I hope I don’t need to tell you this, but it’s usually a bad thing. Jim DePalma Tweet Share Share Email More . Any suggestions, or do we just replace the whole transmission. A leaky or damaged torque converter can cause a serious transmission leak. Oil leaks from your car are a hassle that can leave your driveway looking like a mess. Automatic transmission front seal problems cause low transmission fluid levels within the automatic transmission. 2. One place your car can develop oil leaks from is the valve cover gasket, although the leak could be from another component, such as a damaged oil pan.. Torque Converter Seal Installer . The fluid may be transmission fluid coming from the front of the transmission in the torque converter area. An inspection performed by a trained technician may also uncover noise coming from the transmission oil pump or a transmission fluid leak from the radial seal on torque converter. My 1984 td7e is statred to leak from the torque converter. See page 14-377 of Helm Manual. В of your car that handles how much fluid is passed on to the automatic transmission and allows your engine to continue running while at a complete stop. What to Do to Fix Overheating and Seal Damage. Finally, a faulty clutch inside your converter will not evenly distribute the vital fluids among the parts. February 27, 2020 Fluid may be noticed leaking from the front of some 2019 XTS, Impala and Acadia models equipped with the 6T70, 6T75 or 6T80 automatic transmission (RPO MHM, M7U, M7W, M7V). A faulty seal can also cause increased friction, with the same results. Flywheel oil seal and torque converter oil seal leak. Get a Quote 12-Month | 12,000-Mile Warranty . A 2009 Ford F150 equipped with a 5.4L V8 engine and 6R80 transmission was brought to a shop with the complaint of a transmission leak. Behind the pump seal is a bush that is responsible for keeping the torque converter steady and central as it spins. Torque Converter Fluid Seal Leak. Print. I took the car in today and they have told me the torque converter seal is leaking and they need to replace the seal. I was changing the oil today and noticed oil leaking from the rear edge of the Torque Converter Cover Plate. First symptom: Driving home on Friday at 65mph in sport mode / auto (not manual) and I notice the tach needle jumping up and down by about 500. We have covered this numerous times in the past on that flawed design and the updated metal coolant pipes in the past. Most people have at least heard of a torque converter, ... A faulty seal can also cause increased friction, with the same results. Torque converter problems can be misinterpreted as symptoms of a failing transmission. Here are some of the most common bad torque converter symptoms that could happen to your Ranger. It has a couple components that can become damaged, the needle bearings and the solenoid. A fluid leak requires a complete flush and refill, as well as any necessary seal replacements. It is the lack of fluid that causes overheating, slipping, or shuddering.