Now 1001 will start the year with a bang! One Piece Chapter 1002 Predictions for Sanji’s Match-Up in Wano. When asked if there would be romance in One Piece in a SBS letter, Eiichiro Oda replied “they are in love with adventure”.There are no hints released in the manga itself. Theory spoiler. ↑ One Piece Manga — Vol. 1 of 17 Go to page. The Manga series One Piece is moving towards another chapter 951. Go. share. One Piece 977 will be officially released on April 12, 2020. Close. Draco Bolton Well-Known Member. The introduction of Roger and Oden to one another is not a simple meeting. Its official release date will be on December 15, 2019. Close. In the previous chapter, we learned how Oden got out of the country of Wano. Fans got to see three Devil Fruit reveals in just one chapter. Share; Tweet; 0. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, creators of this amazing manga continue to work hard to bring us happy and excited faces every week. Posted by 11 months ago. Aokiji freezes WB, but it has no effect on him. 68 Chapter 668, cover story: From the Decks of the World Vol. There are no hints released in the manga itself. And it’s real that, we will miss Luffy in the latest One Piece chapter 951. From the last chapter, Luffy and his allies overcome the prison of Udon. Posted by 20 days ago. One Piece Chapter 906 is set to release in Japan this week. “One Piece” Chapter 993 just went live a few hours ago and here are some of the highlights of the latest chapter, including fans’ predictions and potential spoilers. # Prediction. One Piece: Chapter 852 - Predictions. NOTE: For more One Piece-related stories, readers may route here. # Prediction. Five Predictions for One Piece in 2021 . Moderator of r/OnePiece Archived. Zoro can wound him but still lost (but Kaido then is wounded enough for Luffy to beat him 1 v 1). Share; Tweet; 0. It includes information about the date on which they were stated, what chapter the series was in, and how many days had passed since the release of One Piece. Sanji needs to get out from Black Maria’s spider-web in One Piece Chapter 1002 and help Luffy in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom. The next table lists the predictions of the end of One Piece. One Piece: Chapter 852 - Predictions. The next table lists the predictions of the end of One Piece. #one piece #nami #o tama #one piece theory #one piece prediction #thoughts and prayers for beast pirates #thoughts and prayers for kaido #this could be absolutely devastating #uh oh spaghettios #kunoichi girl power #girls can be strong too #nin nin noooooo my predictions for the rest of one piece Manga Spoilers I always see "the predict what is going to happen in the next chapter"- post and the theory posts but i would not be able to do that I can only sort of predict what might happen in the next 10 chapters and i don't have enough proof for a theory A small disclaimer this is just for fun and most of my predictions don't have any ground to them. The previous chapter has discussion forums on fire. Posted by 4 years ago. 67 Chapter 661 (p. 17) and Episode 586. One Piece Manga Chapter 1000 Discussion and 1001 Predictions. And boom! Chapter One Piece Chapter 890 Discussion / 891 Predictions Thread starter desin24; Start date Dec 22, 2017; 1; 2; 3 … Go to page. If you haven't read the latest One Piece chapter, you can access it by signing up for Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump yearly subscription for … As mentioned, swords are one of the most important aspects of Zoro’s character. Go. While their wait continues, let us discuss some theories and predictions about the upcoming chapter. Get latest One Piece 567 spoiler pics and summaries here. Prediction One Piece Chapter 1001 Prediction/Discussion Thread Thread starter Kinjin; Start date Jan 3, 2021; Prev. I don't understand people wanting or expecting a lore dump on the 1000th chapter of one piece. Moderator of r/OnePiece Archived. By this time, fans are eagerly waiting for the spoilers to surface. Luffy then comes later. Source: One Piece 567 / One Piece 567 Manga Spoiler. One Piece: Chapter 971 - Predictions . By Evan Valentine - January 8, 2021 02:52 pm EST. ‘One Piece’ chapter 954 predictions: Zoro set to fight Kaido with a new sword? One Piece 977 spoilers and release date. Discussion. Afterwards we can talk about Chapter 1000 and more in the chat!O-Tama SUPER Theory OUT NOW! Stated. But the wait is almost over. And they are not … Next, Whitebeard enchants his bisento with haki and attacks Aokiji, but it doesn’t work on him.