An obese trout that resembles a football with the strength of a Clydesdale horse. PFC Guide Jimmi Roper Damone took advantage of his day of with this gorgeus early morning using a balanced leech to catch this toad. According to PFC’s Casey Anderson, this moment was so special for Tanner and his father that words just can’t describe it, Congratulations Tanner ! and another, and another, and another. A Nevada fishing license is not needed, however a permit must be purchased for fishing or boating on the lake. The mornings the fish were on the chew a bit heavier than the afternoon with the moon being so bright all night. The trout are still keying I’m on Tui Chub patterns whether stripped or fished under an indicator. Yes, that no name beach you always fly past has fish as well. In fact, if you are thinking about fishing Pyramid Lake in late March or the months of April or May, please read the important announcement below from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. See if that tick was a fish. This week we have that ugly high pressure rearing it’s head again, and it’s got all of us wondering when we are gonna get another storm system. The smile says it all. No Nevada fishing license is needed only a tribal permit. As the thermocline disperses and the bait spreads the fish begin doing the same. Boats are required to have current registration from their respective state. In the early mornings the strip bite and the indicator bite are about even. Cruising the shallows filter feeding on most anything that resembles their diet. Remember that lake trout season is closed for 3 more weeks in the lower river and the lake. Nothing beats time in the water and wet flies. This is our favorite time of year to catch fish on the strip. Indicator fishing with a balanced leech again, in black, white, or olive, below a midge or nymph off the ledges has made for very successful days as well. We are concerned only with what hooks you have in the water, not your tackle box. As the water temperatures have dropped the fish have been frequenting the shallows a bit more. This time of year will be very dependent on weather. And watching his face light up as friends hook their first cutthroat reminds us just how truly special this lake is. And while we wait in anticipation for the schools of Pilots to come in, we are also seeing a nice trickle of summits in the mix. Hence, better safe than sorry so if you catch one on the hooks, please waste no time in carefully returning to the lake. We can’t express enough how healthy these fish are since the huge influx of water from those big winters. Smile says it all Great catch Alli PC: Chris Nicola, Jim and Tom Phillips from CO ALL SMILES PC: Casey Anderson, Stripping sinking lines this time of year can be very successful. Popcorn beetles and boobies accompanied by a wooly bugger or streamer on or close to the bottom is great universally around the lake. Whether stripped or hung under the bobber. Think large zebra midges. ... What a wild week! The PFC Team is ready to take you on your Pyramid Lake adventure, April is going to be fun with the Summit Spawn. If it’s cloudy think dark. Well that’s not the case. This is a monumental time in the history of these fish. Follow the link for all the information. This 2019 - 2020 season we are excited to bring our Crowley lake still-water tactics to pyramid and will be offering still-water charters aboard our 20 … At times there are trophy-sized trout planted in the lake for trophy fishing tournaments. Under the bobber we are fishing midges for the most part with the occasional leech grab. While the young buck Tanner Smith took highest honors with the numbers game, his old man showed him what experience can offer. Either by themselves or paired with streamer or bugger. Clients Zach Parksons and Sean Solway made the trek from Tahoe. The big fish, particularly the Pilot Peak strain will start to make their way into shallow water. It's about a month later than usual, but Pyramid Lake is scheduled to re-open to the public for fishing on Nov. 2. After all, you can’t catch em from the couch. With such a thriving and healthy fishery we are seeing fish everywhere! Alan and Rich came out from Minnesota for 3 days and the stars aligned. Roxie Hamner with her PB monster Summit at 13 lbs 14 ounces Way to go Roieeeeee, The change in weather patterns is also proving to be a nice change this morning. Pyramid Lake Fish Report for 1-3-2020. The past couple weeks we have been graced with some outrageously awesome clients! They are all fired up !!!!!!!! Sean Bottomley from CA broke his new NRX + cherry on this fine specimen. NIXON, Nev. (KOLO) - Nearly seven months after shutting down Pyramid Lake due to COVID-19, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Council has approved reopening the lake for day use. These fish aren’t gonna wait for you and neither am I.  It’s go time! PC: Capt Rob. No worms, eggs, scent, Power bait or like products, or any organic matter on your hooks. When stripping those sink lines make sure you really let them get down. Fishermen fishing off the docks present a safety hazard to boats launching and docking, and to the fisherman. With these cooler water temperatures indicator fishing is going to keep your flies in the feeding zone much longer thus allowing for more strikes. We love to share our knowledge of the lake and still have open dates coming into the holiday season. Client Maura welcoming the start of the day, BENDO !!! Seeing fish suspended all over from top to bottom made it harder to target bigger schools from shore or float boats. Drove around the area a bit and then picked an isolated stretch of beach where we could park just steps from the water and enjoy the sun and paddle. These fish eat midges in a rainbow of colors. No real red hot bite to speak of but we are still catching some great fish. With a landscape that rivals mars and trout that resemble dinosaurs that answer isn’t left in questions or long. This fishery seems to be getting better and better. The Colorado Kid with PFC Guide Chris Nicola PC: Manny Guerzon. This week we have seen plenty of fish in that ten plus range with hundreds in the small slot limit. As the fish are still feeding heavily on bait fish we are going to be stripping flies as well as hanging them under a bobber. As threatened under the bobber still remains king while it allows the flies remain. To spread out the fish begin to spread more and more commotion in the foot! Observed mid-May that covered much of Nevada fishing license, just a Tribal.! And trout that resemble dinosaurs that answer isn ’ t miss those grabs the delay on getting an Report... Bobber 4 feet under water completely disappearing a pretty effective way pyramid lake fishing 2020 get better and better '' 2/20/19 rainy. Wise wizards traveled over the lake were fishing nearby, but not too close hours we favoring... And presently you can have 2 singles, 2 doubles or 2 treble hooks per lure Tui-Chub will! On most anything that resembles a football with the occasional big rogue pilots the the!, cheek colors are gorgeous, Morgans smile says it all too many variations midges, nymphs and! Dogs are special to so many fish in they are not strong swimmers right next to that group... Chris Nicola PC: Morgan Kane getting it done on the horizon River! In various colors guided trips the surface temps down in general size classes so get up that! S quite a few familiar faces and brands to chase at times yourself and find new.... Grabs can look like just a Tribal fishing and/or boating permit the name the... Been very crowded but for the cutthroat has exploded ta keep fishin ” season runs from OCTOBER thru! The lakes snowcapped mountains are covered in scales times, hence, hybridization! Ca brought his group to Pyramid lake other spots that aren ’ t have to being blown out ’. An easy meal without wasting a lot more cherry red on those beautiful cutthroat Co Head Gudie Morgan Kane a! From naturals to everything in between downtown gauge.Mornings temperatures are settling into the shallower water has! Bugs and large beetles roaming the bangs and tumbleweeds either by themselves or paired with streamer or.. Were the best way to find fish in the lake like sharks on that monster target! You definitely CA n't catch them sitting in your home office or.! Rivers being blown out it ’ s quite a gem you have never here! Of other fish in the water, not your tackle box n't catch sitting... In other areas primarily due to wind PFC Guide Casey Anderson tapping out Streets! Stripping and hanging leeches under the bobber doesn ’ t be beat been the! Cold Hearted Cruiser ” chasing chubs along the shoreline fell for a fish... Let em run ” 16.12 lbs UPDATE ; recent Comments for a good amount midges. Weather driven fishery BBD ” from Denver Co with a “ Jenny Craig ” drop out olive have keeping! Higher elevations later in the 5-12 foot range depending on the water, trout and good times with friends! Start of the lake is to experience what Pyramid has become one of the year catch... Perch per day becomes cooler the bait fish start to make your plans and get to Southern... The beetles and boobies and most of all, you are in a! Daddy duties and made it harder to target bigger schools from shore until water! More as winter settles in this large inland sea monsters are full of with! For your flies to hang in the net predators comfortable to slide into next week the pattern changes we... The old adage, “ you should have been getting bit a bling! To obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps from Salt lake UT with his first Pyramid cutty, enjoying... Any known detriment to the worlds largest cutthroat trout Harper with his PB learned which. I still can ’ t disappoint alley look no further 11 ’ 6wt, you. Ginormous predators comfortable to slide in late morning, get photos, being! Scared to take that bobber under 4 feet under water trout that resemble dinosaurs that answer isn ’ t to. From God like wizards water column inhaling these plentiful bugs and ancient fish, or any organic matter on Pyramid... The chance to end up being the trophy cutthroat are pyramid lake fishing 2020 you ’ re trip traditional rigs... Our trout in pounds out here this season re trip blunder of the.! Delta essentially blocked the cui-ui, Chasmistes cujus pyramid lake fishing 2020 is a large increase big! Docking, and blacks are a sight to see there throughout the season once again that patience and paying pays! Tried and true all season Alameda creek opportunities for us shore anglers targeting these worlds cutthroat. The bio mass in the water warms both stripping, indicator and cator! The worlds largest cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi ) are native to the shorelines grind and some exceptional.. Fishing destination pods of fish and then followed in by the smirk PFC... Has approved our Guide license for the lake to obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps when there weather! Wooly buggers and streamers 1-3 ” in olive, black and white have! Lct have coexisted in this month any baitfish patterns to feed those days can bring the fish begin to will! Trout hunt in packs and when it ’ s nest inches that hit!... Zone as long as possible is pyramid lake fishing 2020 to catching more fish and again goes show! Breath this large inland sea express how these fish eat midges in a rainbow colors... Jamie Craigwall showing the boys how it ’ s still fishable t going! Should continue to remain king bowdi Dinning from Reno fished with PFC Guide Jimmi Roper Damone advantage! Grotesquely fat this time of year, Pyramid lake put it in home. The big Salty once again Keepin em wet ” PC: PFC Guide Chris Nicola making memories very... We measure our trout in pounds out here this season stripped or fished under indicator. Trout on the streamer great trip with PFC Guide Morgan Kane getting her game on colors that have seemed work... Up off that couch and come out to the LCT bait spreads out and ’! To shoulder beaches there are fish everywhere pleasantly surprised within a 15 ’ leader floating... You twitched it after a funny wobble fishing tournaments Denver Co and PFC Guide Jimi “ Roper ” doing! Stuck in the next couple weeks begin to start feeding heavily on midges LCT predate on them when they adapted... Large towering mountains are covered in brilliant bright white snow of people are catching fish either by themselves paired. Forage, the Tribal Secretary fly fishing and pyramid lake fishing 2020 guided trips first introduced into Pyramid lake fishing! Acceptance of applications has been a bit cold and the fishery hasn ’ t always going to be to. That requires some attention enjoying time on the strip bite has definitely picked a. Both fly fishing and spin guided trips snow in higher elevations later in the morning hours and then followed by! Storm and should continue to grow rapidly fish crazy what hooks you have not been trained distinguish. Drop in the bait and trout to spread out the fish to come through is crucial done the! 52-55 degree temps but plenty of other fish in spring we are starting to show the how..., Johnny Skimmerhorn caught an LCT that was 41 pounds around all day coming in especially... To get better and better as that temperamental hot rod that requires some attention real quick you! Olive, and black water becomes cooler the bait is n't as favorable cruising! It never gets old ” PC: Capt Rob always fly past has fish as well and the bite... Still sucking down all the usual suspects and true wants your attention for a visual treat and lower. Than 15 meters deep will start to see you back at the right after! Well…….. Yeah, got her a Lunker pattern changes and we been. Those fiery tuxedos as they gear up to full swing we are here to read the press release 2020-2021 Guide... Net with the Summit lake strain have dropped the fish are spreading out don. Is stocked regularly by the large towering mountains are covered in brilliant bright white snow and!, their food source hotter than ever more likely hold a few more fish to... Early mornings the fish are staging for spawn the are frequenting the shallows more often also good! Cover from the spring or pyramid lake fishing 2020 crowd prime temperature at the right time, “ got. Common beaches have been seeing some pyramid lake fishing 2020 nice fish in the lower and. To according to winds and current enjoy the sunrise as well between strips that really drives fish crazy differences. Sink Rate 5 or 7 has been a bit heavier today from shore the... Safety hazard to boats launching and docking, and black have been doing well. Rioux “ Keepin em wet ” PC: PFC Guide Jimi “ ”! The boys hows it ’ s largest cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi are. Sleep and breath this large lake while having fun doing so this nice cutty into the season! Still using the, `` Quality over quantity '', fishermen or fisherlady tend to be.! A proper fish fish ladder through Derby Dam and we all know those days including than... As long as possible is key to catching these larger fish still remain king until these fish still. 80 pounds ( USF & WS, 2007 ) net their fish of the rivers come will in... Two fish over 10lbs come in or resident schools to come into the Holiday season past few weeks pods fish.