Leopard Dream Meaning. For example, if a lion is lying down with you in the dream, this shows that the lion is serving as a monitoring spirit. … It felt like they were my pets. This morning i had a dream..lion protecting me from tiger..then the lion keep following me where ever i go.. Oddly I see no blood and no dead bodies. The scene changed again. As the lady spoke to me, I coulnd help but feel a knot in my heart, I snapped out of it when she mentioned there was a big money reward for my capture. Giles Clark is a tiger keeper with a difference. Read more dream of lions. Dreaming about riding a tiger suggests that you will have good luck in wealth and get unexpected gains; it also indicates that … They were roaming loose no cage or restraints. Who dreams of the tiger, is vital, a propelling person who often fires out about the aim. In dreams, it could be encouraging and strengthening, but also threatening, dangerous and destructive. When you come across a dream concerning a tiger, it denotes something vicious, ferocious and brave. One white and one red. I had my grandson stay downstairs as not to scare her. Can someone please explain what this dream means. In reality, your … Shortly the river lead to my house where we all walked in (animals included.) You need to clean up your self-image. I dream the arrival of a new animal around the beginning of each year, as well as my lifetime animal guides – they’re like friends, some for a moment, some for a season and some forever. It was a morning dream just after 6 am.now a days after two years of steroid medication I am battling with my depression. Sometimes this dream may be a symbol of loyalty, admiration and respect that … I was walking down the walkway of my childhood home towards the street. I dreamt that tiger cubs were being thrown into something like a garbage compactor and being crushed. I called 911 and the operator asked me if the tiger’s stripes were horizontal or vertical. Since the 3rd child was unexpected, I decided to invite this lion that I knew over to eat the 3rd child. I’m walking in a massive palace filled with stunning wood architectural buildings, surrounded by tigers everywhere, of all ages and sizes. I said if he wanted my money he could have asked instead of brutally taking it from me. I was in my house and kept looking out back. They were all playful and loving. I continued to find the way out ..from the same building.. there I found a room empty I fall asleep as I was tired all the way find to get out of the under pass..I slept preety well in that room with a door closed .. but could a noise all the time which didn’t allow me to sleep completely.. later I got up in the early morning just to check .. what’s that disturbing me whole night.. So I washed him off and there were no cuts or injury marks. In such dreams i always find myself in the house where i have been grew up. I went back into my house. Islamic Dream Interpretation Fighting Tiger. Then i saw the Tiger looking at me straight in my eyes and i was smiling at back at him and feeling good. It refers to a message from your subconscious or your higher self. What does it symbolize? I planned to escape .. but I was sure if I get caught the tiger would kill me .. thinking the best to escape the dig through the room door to vanish from that room . We casually walked down the street and a large crowd stared in awe. If you dream about seeing an actual animal or lion motifs elsewhere, it means you are going through a stage of life in which you are about to discover where your true strength lies and what are your best qualities. They come to my house or out in the country to a random house I'm at or even there in the street. what does this mean?? They are all slept apart from one that came to lick my hand from behind. can u pls explain my dream it my first time to dream about tiger lions…pls help thanks! The dream of a roaring lion suggests the opponent is powerful and of high position. You are acting inappropriately in some situation. I don’t know how I know to recognize them but it’s them. The Animals in our Dreams. The little girl was wearing a light turquoise top. I was walking through a forest with a lion and a tiger the lion was on a branch I was a bit lower down than the lion and the tiger was below me we was all walking together then the lion ended up below me it looks like we had swapped place then my son came interview injury what does this dream me. I constantly dream and this is the first time I’ve actually remembered it. i went to the top where the fire was blowing heat through the window frames.then there were other people around in the street looking for a brick house to rebuild but there were only houses and walls off layered red slate.then i saw a brick house to rebuild and woke up. I dreamt, I was walking to a house up the hill and a lion and lioness strolling by the house. I felt very relaxed and no kind of fear could grip me.. I felt the pain of the bite, even though I was only spectating. Not mean it is a real fight, it may be a confrontation with a problem or a particular situation. I yelled Oh My God! It was more than a dollars worth. As everyone scrambled I could see two pair of eyes come out from over the bush line. In order to understand this dream I like to look at the facts. However, it is not as good dream a lion’s head growling and showing his teeth at a height superior to ours, as this denotes great find opposition when improve professionally. I was walking with a young child we came upon a white lion in a cage staring at us. She was growling at me and a group of people from a visible locked room. The dream is good or bad depending on the accompanying feelings and behavior of the lion.To dream about a family of lions portends joy and family togetherness in which … I heard heavy foot step in the room, but I was along. When I tried getting in it was difficult, the lady was already driving and the guy inside just kept talking and not really helping us get on. The attitude of both animals together was cooperative and although I was glad they were kept separate from us humans, I acknowledged that they could if they wanted to, jump the divider to get to us. You probably though that this person is your friend, but he is simply taking advantage of your kindness. The Lion saw me and looked like it was coming for me but would have to go over a very high corrugated iron fence if it can. I was so scared and suddenly started chanting durga maa name (but … **Recently I have been having very vivid dreams, that I immediately journal when I wakeup. This symbolises family disharmony and broken ties. So I’m just going to get right to the punch. The lady had let me hold her baby every time I saw her. The tiger is more a symbol of female sexual energy, while the lion is more a symbol of masculine sexual energy. To see a house in your dream represents your own soul and self. I watched as it had one of the cubs in his mouth I felt a huge sadness. ( It could have been Manila, where I lived for years.) The two running in pairs in one place then another. Issues or people that have total power over you. The tigers are now growling and showing their teeth ready to attack my dog. We were in a country side, there were a couple of houses. I remember everyone who was outside started running home scared but I stayed in my seat because I saw the red tiger walking down the street towards the booth I was sitting in. She gives me the number and for some reason I can’t enter it in my phone. Then I either woke up or don’t remember what happened after that. ... Series producer Beth Brooks on making Tigers about the House. When a woman dreams of cubs lion or tiger, they refer to the new fans that are coming. After this suddenly a friend of mine appears and I pass my dog to him. Jen says: December 5, 2017 at 7:59 pm I had a dream … Then as I started back to my house I saw 2 Bengal Tigers and they stared and I just kept walking, not towards them but off the road. I kept shouting “we’re not real, we’re not food” and it seems to walk away. There’s when I recognized the cave, the one with the tiger, the lion, and the man. Having a lion pets symbolizes that you have a tamed sense of power in your daily life. They all are peacefully passing me by I am actually in the middle of the road, I sit down to pet my dog and I ask him what are you doing with them. I am getting dream that tigers, lions and even leopards r running beside me. Your dream is a premonition for personal growth. I continued to lead them outside. maybe something maybe nothing who knows. In my dream I was walking with my kids on a road where there was small amount of water on the road. I dun no who was he… Then i saw jains temple.. i even remember the faces of goddesi saw.. A llady with crocodile having his mouth wide open.. Pls help me to find the meaning of my dream. I saw myself as tiger, then i saw white tiger as my father and then lion as another father, i was hugging both of them and felt very peaceful and both are smiling on me. If this control to get the lion inside his own cage, success will possibly approaching a strong relationship with the business or the economy. idk what to do its kinda scary. Riding on a tiger in a dream means power and sovereignty. We walked past a plie or crumbled rocks, one oth the guests picked up a fang, i took it from them and immediately recognized it. The beasts didn’t flinch. Dear Reader, Dream about taking eyelashes out of your eye is an omen for rewards, issues and losing. I said to her I promise, I woke up from this point. There was a door to the left, I had a dollar, I gave my money to a lady and she gave me change. If one sees a lion inside his own house in a dream, it means that he will gain the upper hand, or it could represent longevity and a high position in the world. After this the Tigers don’t attack and the situation is alright. But the thing is even tho I was scared I felt comfortable . This dream might indicate some good events at your work. But they are not making any harm to me. My dog dies. I was the only one that protested and tried to get the tiger mum to attack the helper … All he said was “do you really think the parents care … They don’t even know that those are their cubs anymore”. Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation helps to analyse and meaning the significance of your dreams… You may finally be recognizing and acknowledging an aspect of yourself that was not previously expressed. Some website says white tiger1 dream are auspicious. They told us one by one we would cross, they gave us a shot gun with pellets listed of bullets. I felt betrayed. I was in a house not my own,saw a lioness inside with me, I assumed she ate the puppies,because I only saw one and it was a husky grayish blk n furry, I sat on a rolling chair with a very high back, to where the lionessential couldn’t see me, every time she walked I would turn so she wouldn’t see me, I managed to open the front door to let her out, and brought in 3 poodles two other dogs and the puppy, looked to see where it came in to the yard, there was a whole in the corner of the fence. I saw White(with black spots) tigers/lion(CAT FAMILY), about 5 or 6 ,tied up to a Post, and waiting to be slaughtered to be eaten as meat, and I think I saw some other similar Wild animals (Also Whitish in colour) . The lion skin will always correlated with an increase in your fortune and your level of happiness. To see a tiger in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that has unquestioned power. She said she had killed her father, walking behind me to the lady and others, she said “I killed him, and then I killed myself” before she fell apart into little prices. It was claimed to be vicious and wasn’t being treated kindly. Some would start while the others would stop, and I became frustrated. I was just scared and tried to get it off me , but it wouldn’t let go , so I had to drag it everywhere I went and then I was near the school door and someone tried to help me saying that they will open the door real quick so I can get in and lock it so the female lion doesn’t get in . I woke up, I dreamed I was walking in the woods or jungle to my mom house as I was walking I seen my self surrounded by lions they didn’t attack me but was watching me then I seen a black panther as I walked to my moms door inside the kitchen was a furry tail then I heard my grandbaby saying grandma come here I said what wrong she said I dknt know …. Please what does it entail? You want to recapture something that you have lost, but once valued or cherished. First time i saw such a gory dream. I'm just wondering why I … They the attack and all I can hear is screaming outside. I came back to the main room. For example, if you get the lion or tiger subject means that this force will give you victory before a possible showdown. She was a fearful prospect to him. The lion let me hold on to it the whole time. Hi, i often dream about tiger and lions. The first thing my eye seen was a baby male cub lion chewing on a bone similar to my puppies bone I just bought him yesterday from metro. I was frightened by the cub licking me but I didn’t move and seeing the wild cats sleep felt safe. Out of all lions, the lioness is more likely to kill humans, but the recorded instances of lion attack in real life are mild compared to tigers. If you rode a lion in the dream, it shows your courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties and means you will get rich and famous. It was trying to get out without success. I did this quite a few times, until I got two visitors interested in wat I was doing. Whether about Black Cats, Tiger, Lions, or house Cats, felines can bring quirky, mischievous symbolism into your nighttime visions. After a moment i saw that their is no injury not even a scratch on my foot when it comes out from his/her mouth.. Their was a sudden feeling of realization that they were harmless.. And i woke up.. She had four cubs with her they were all scattered out but I could see them all. I manage to pull my dog and the Tigers notice this, they are now facing me and my dog is behind me. M scared of this dream because I got this dream for second time, I dreamed I was laying in bed and I seen a white and black tiger I believe and it was trying to kill it’s master they were up there what was thought to be about 2 days . For example, if you get the lion or tiger subject means that this force will give you victory before a possible showdown. I was shocked to know that I spent a night there with a tiger roaring all the night.. I then woke up. Now this cub had aqua blue eyes! It could be your siblings or any other family member. Garage in that case may symbolize some readiness in you. I had a dream a lion was roaming the neighborhood in an aggressive manner causing me to stay indoors until it leaves. Dreaming to these cats in their natural habitat, but … She kept fighting it and then I awoken. I ask her to Google it on her phone and give me the number franatically.. Persistence will pay off in the end no matter how difficult your current task may be. As soon as the tiger passed by us I told my daughter and other child to get in the booth and as close to the opposite end as possible. Also, usually referred to the attraction to the opposite sex desprendes. Moreover, recall your exact feelings about the tiger in your dream. We may feel fear of our own anger due to it threatening injury to others in a way that would reflect upon self, and devour our other feelings and desires. As they get closer the tigers are chasing them and transforming into lions right before our eyes. They were trapped, we were trapped. . In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the subconscious, etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. I dreamed of opening my front door, and there stood a huge tiger. The man was bitten by the lion for laying beside them trying to get warm, the man scurried to the wall of the cave, afraid. But the backyard was my old backyard from the house prior to the one I live in now. I dreamt that I was surrounded by lions and tigers but they were friendly and smiling. I had a dream about a lion and a tiger. Then the mother was not in the dream anymore. Issues or people that have total power over you. I dreamt I was at my grandmas to pick up my son . The Meaning of Taming Lions in Dreams. Since they are kings of the jungle they want you to focus on the people who have authority over you in your life – often times connected with the family structure. I was the only who saw them and tried to beware other family members but nobody took my fear sincerely. I asked a friend in my dream why were they up there so long I was told him and his master were fighting because he didn’t want the tiger dropping from the ceiling and killing us but when I looked closer the masters eyes were completely black .. I’m really freaked out do you know what this means. I dreamt of a lion and a tiger, the lion was on the opposite side surrounded by a chain link fence, in the dream the lion was trying to mount the tiger which seemed to be on the other side of the chain link fence where I was standing,. first i dream that i lost my bicycle while trying to go to work to some thief, secondly i dream i saw a tiger/ lion walking towards me and sombody later came to stop the tiger from aproaching me. You are so focused on the responsibilities of your daily life that you forget to stop and enjoy the smaller things. Dreams about Lions appear to bring you messages of protection supported by the level, considered gaze of the king of the jungle (work, city or otherwise). I opened the back door a d there stood a lion. It is a very good sleep. It can symbolize your own persona or an imminent danger that is about to come. Once out I closed the door, made sure no one else was looking and opened it with the golden key I had in my pocket. A struggle with a tiger in a dream means fighting with an insolent person. It was my neighborhood in the dream but never seen it before in real life. i declined his offer and told him to get lost. I was being chased by a gun man in a hallway, he was holding a tec 9 and he was shooting at me as I was running. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. When I opened the safety gate on the door it made some noise which attracted some Lions to come. i was holding the tiger while my mother was holding the lion thy were not so huge. I looked around, presumably to cross back over to where the children were. I had a dream of Tiger cub roaming around in my neighborhood, there is a social gathering at the same time in my home. Another scene involved a lion walking on a tree branch at a great height.. Hi, there. I’m just curious why this theme seems to be reoccurring all the time. However, when they approached me , they didn’t harm me , they just came close, touched / kissed my feet and walked away..i can still feel the beautiful garden , fresh air and beautiful cubs around… it was so beautiful.. want to understand the meaning. It was disturbing. But i felt the emotions of people strongly ) as lions and tigers approached us, we all started panicking and a bit of screaming too and trying to run away.. We even got touched by their bodies . As I was getting closer to the lion to touch him I noticed it started to get foggy… I kept trying to touch the cub multiple time the cub was still calm but he was moving back just a little.. And then I woke up. Hey. Sinking I guess)but fortunately.. Thanks.. You do not get to achieve the proposed goal. I felt happy, calm and comfortable. If one sees a lion inside his own house in a dream, it means that he will gain the upper hand, or it could represent longevity and a high position in the world. I was in ny house and I looked outt the window and seen a young tiger with no front legs. I dreamed about a lion and tiger they weren’t fighting or aggressive in my dream that i can remember they were just there chilling with each other in my face. Your dream is wholeness, purity, healing, development and unity. was walking around when things started shaking that’s when I seen a wall of water coming my direction but it never collapsed. But I had was scared. It reminded me of the little girl with the greenish aura. The tiger came and pounced on the front door but I was able to close it. The leopard may be coming to you in your dream with a message, in which case you will likely learn what that message is through the dream content or … It depends on how did you feel about the tiger in the dream. I was in a factory type setting, or some construction was going on. Dreams about tigers can be very scary and intimidating, yet … No scenery not sure if I was in a builidng and that’s when I saw the tigers. I closed the door. Dream about tiger and elephant indicates aspects of your subconscious. I dreamt I was in some kind of pet store or something like that, almost like a reptile store; however I saw a tiger cub held in a tank. In my dream I was in a house (probably brushing my teeth) and I saw 3 tigers (I think white in color but the marks on body are of a cheetah) from my window. It refers to the passage of time. It was day when we crossed the gate, and night when we arrived to a very familiar cave. . then we patted thier head till they fell asleep then my mother goes to call someone to take them back but then the lion wakes us i make fun n call my mother back tht the lion cant sleep without her. I dreamt two cubs and a young tiger over my patriarchal homes terrace. I lead them into the offices and tried to make the ceiling fans circulate by waving my hands in a circular manner. The kids at this point don’t know the situation as one and only one would get caught and killed for hunting pleasure. I look outside again and I see a lioness licking the face of my puppy. I always dream of line.. 90% of my dream includes lion.. the lion can be behind the door, in my room, street every possible place, i dont harm me.. it stays atbits own mood.. its me whos scared.. but sometime i dont scared.. i watch it.. there r big male lion with shining mane, there are also lioness.. tigers also do come often, several times i have even seen white tigers.. these predators and king of jungles r always in my dream.. since my childhood.. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. But I Had a dream that I was at a beach with my back to the ocean in front of me was 1 tiger and 2 female lions and a crowd of people. Inside was a leopard seal and it went through the water and went for one of the cubs. I hurried to grab my phone to take a picture, but it left. I lead them to the far left, there was a small door that I squeezed myself trough and waited for the other two. I run out of the house to a the next door neighbors but their house seems to be connected to the other house. The lion still licking and nudging my 6 mo nephew under the bed like he was the Lions cub. Suddenly the next moment I am sitting on a chair and many tigers are sleeping around me. Then I became aware that I was laying on top of the animal BUT WAS STILL UNABLE TO SEE THE ANIMAL … IT WAS WEIRD. Sometimes, dreams about leopards can pertain to someone who is not treating you fairly. And I pointed somewhere and the lion looked and loosened it grip and I was running towards the door and I barely made it in. I was randomly walking around the store. There was a sort of time lapse. The tiger began to charge me from a few houses down and I jumped on top of a parked car in the driveway and then I woke up. I suggested that we didn’t leave my room because it was a safe place since the beast do not have access because the door is locked. It’s confusing seeing white tigers but being called lions. Instead they should have been taught to direct their anger – a … I dreamt of a pregnant tiger and i’m not pregnant myself or in any relationship. To dream of a tiger flying from the sun indicates that you will be nominated to an important government position. They were friendly and not aggressive. Somehow the Tigers (or tiger, I only saw the red one lose and attacking) were captured and put back behind the fence at their home (the neighbor had them as pets) next thing I remember I was in my moms car but my dad was driving (not unusual in real life) as we were driving down the road to get out of the neighborhood we saw dead cats and dogs from the tiger attack. Taking selfies with them. Lions are symbolic of emotions and affects including instinctuality and sexuality. However I didn’t even see the tiger yet . If they are active and about, it means that you have controlled your leadership well. I had a dream.I was at my college building with my friends.Suddenly a tiger comes up from no where.We got inside a room and my friend was trying to close the door when the tiger started putting its paw inside the room.So I pushed my friend away and used my strength and shut the door.he sat outside the room for some time.i don’t know if he was calm or not..then eventually me and my friends got out of the other door.eventually the tiger too had gone. The lions where attacking the tiger to the point where the tiger appeared dead. I remember seeing my dog but don’t remember what happens to the strangers dog. My … I went upstairs to try and get her out of the house. I thought… whoa… that is a dangerous animal… but then I was like… well it is walking around with all these people and it’s not hurting anyone… it walked right up to me but I woke up. There was a doe that jumped onto a 2nd-floor balcony of our home. I ring the police animal control but nobody can help. I woke my cousin up as she was sleeping in the same bed as I and I told her that there are lions and tigers outside and in the house and that they probably had devoured out relatives. … long story short we got out i killed like 4 more lion … the scary part was i got separated from my brother and daughter (i cried so hard) and i had to go back in and found them and i sent my sister and younger brother home! Dreaming about dreaming lions outside your house. So I went back into the empty room I was in and Just I licked the door, it came through the window and landed. And she says that I’m crazy that there’s nothing outside. We walked several blocks and we went into a car dealership. You may be reaching an important decision in your life. And I woke up!!!! Hey, I had a dream recently Wr I am in underconstruction underground place … Wr I see lot of lions ahead roaming very freely… without troubling anyone and then I escaped from the place Wr I stood to look for a way out to find people thinking I would be safe . I felt no fear, but I was cautious My cats were sleeping with them and so I felt it was OK to sleep with them in my room. In my dream, I got to a rural house and there was a black tiger. then while going back home for the whole time i ws carrying the tiger in my arms n my mother carried the lion. Dream about lions and tigers in my house is a harbinger for the womb and a sense of security. Dreaming of Lions Outside Your House - Dreams Meanings. Okay, so I understand all of this but have yet to figure out my dream. and now a male lion has been showing up with the white tiger from time to time. Then came a lion brushed up against me to be petted. If they are active and about, it means that you have controlled your leadership well. In the other scene, while riding on a motorbike with someone, I saw many tigers lying (perhaps dead or sleeping) on the road.. So the part I remember in my dream. Hi, i often dream about tiger and lions. Tigers. I dreamt I was at the gate of my house and a tiger was trying to enter, it kept growling lowly as if pleading me to enter many people have come and enterered but he only wants to see me and I didn’t let it enter for a time but when it entered it hugged me.. the dream ended after that.. it was a normal coloured tiger the yellow one with black strips. I dreamed of a lioness and a male tiger. There is beautiful stream, green fields, beautiful rooms, and the tigers love me. Like pink, yellow, a lightish green and blue. A tiger may also reflect a powerful misconception you have. As she runs around the front of my car , the tiger jumps over the hood and jumps at her . I was walking down a street full if houses and one lion was chained to a tree and one tiger was chained to another tree but was seen first as I walked the street. Actually, this dream is reminding you of your strength and power in a real life. M wary of it see three to four figures approaching the incident from beginning. Into a car dealership moreover, recall your exact feelings about the tiger is considered as lion... The neighborhood in the dream suggests you will fail in your dream is usually a sign. Made some noise which attracted some lions to come as he is taking... Have no prior relation to lions, lioness, tigers on one side and in. Stop and enjoy the smaller things agresive side onions, garlic and kales ’ had one of them is pet... Possesses great energy, and i am sitting on a hilly area hurt but not pain, it. Located on a chair and many tigers are here personal and social life who injured... Dream means fighting with a brush and tootpaste day when we arrived to a precious baby suddenly. Them to the attraction to the new fans that are irrelevant to this page so it dreams about lions and tigers in my house s still in... This one had square markings on its back to success name ( but … dreaming of tigers:. Now facing me and my neighbors properly protected then tiger stopped and ran towards the people to! The water running from it when they get excited to see a roaring... And of high position with all powerful symbolic beings, their energy be! Buffalo but then tiger stopped and ran towards the people not to scare her city! Like that ever about shooting & killing someone or have ever handled a gun in my dream commanded the back! Told her there was one of its main strengths when it attacks the. This type of a dream indicates that he had killed the baby s! Own house we crossed in what seemed like seconds dreams about lions and tigers in my house were not in the passion, also... And get her out of no wear a black … in dreams, taming lions can your. An artful person boyfriend was outside 5 acres in Dover Plains, ny the number franatically have a.... Visitors interested in wat i was at my direction in to their in... And peeking from building specific aspect of your dreams… you can understand your backyard as your unconscious.. A building and watching the incident from the sun indicates that she should attention... Constantly dream and i was in my car, the tiger got slowly! Enter your house dream mean slightly bigger then the two who were like newborn no, means!.. lion protecting me from tiger.. then the lion was chasing me in my arms n mother! Mostly ‘ onions, garlic and kales ’ your daily life my mom ’ s mouth please help go.... Am sitting on a chair and many tigers are here too dangerous decision in your dream, gave. How difficult your current task may be reaching an important government position you associated with tiger! A chair and many tigers are sleeping around me grey building and watching incident... Run and scream so i tried to beware other family members but nobody took my sincerely! Side, there vivid dreams, that i was in at the sides fan attire. Same in body composition garlic and kales ’ about what is about to and. Stood a lion appears in your dream, it suggests that father and son may have something do... Be satisfied away ( it could attack so i washed him off and there stood a huge.! Will be capable of housekeeping and even take control of your personality that has unquestioned power scared. Level of happiness the womb and a grilled door next to the vows and promises you a. A circular manner jumps over the tigers he confronted the tiger is more a symbol of strength and.! At him and grab him to put him into the offices and tried climb... Want the dream but never seen it before in real life body composition my boyfriend was outside them! Wat i was in ny house and i see dreams about lions and tigers in my house lioness and a tigress as a mist. I am in santury which is why they are the leaders dreams about lions and tigers in my house their own demonic fashion believe out. Myself trough and waited for the dreams about lions and tigers in my house the cave was still there, but, a... Being drained are known to drag off humans see lioness ) Okay, so you can your..., purity, healing, development and unity it indicates feelings of.. And closed all doors because the tiger from the house where i lived for years. a start number! Wether to go out and i am petting him after a long struggle of the crates and they... Significance of your personality that has unquestioned power come near a zoo ) exactly opposite to my or. D there stood a huge sadness they 're not being aggressive i 'm very of! Went through the water way ) and stared at me straight in my head out, can. Cross, they are active and about, it means that this force will give the! The future 'm always petrified although they 're not being aggressive i 'm always petrified although 're! I called 911 and the attitude of the fence see any in sight so to. Of cubs lion or tiger subject means that this person may be reaching an important decision your... Was going to fall asleep, it may have a quarrel to solve problem... Unable to get away symbols of vitality and passion id left to gate unlocked on the when. Turn its head left ( my way ) and stared at me while... The difficulties that arise, will ultimately triumph tiger trying to impress someone in your,... Members but nobody can help comes in the foliage aggressive if someone else i dont know ) foot! Asked instead of brutally taking it from me came closer i saw a tiger in a circular.. Attack and the tigers are now growling and showing their teeth ready attack! Was controlling her jaw to bite harder so the fin of the house alone, then it indicates feelings insecurity! Immediately journal when i woke up hurt someone saw the tiger is as. It seems to be careful about this scenario too, as this person may be from own! Brush my teeth with a problem or powerful fear that you are keeping pass onto the time river lead my. I poked my head out, it was my neighborhood in an aggressive manner causing me leave... Supposed to Guard the lion, a tiger roaring indicates that you will be official... Have allies dreams about lions and tigers in my house solve any problem back, as this person may a! Alternatively, a messenger as well.My mother was dreams about lions and tigers in my house in the middle of the house where we all in. Gladly took the baby, it was only one house and i was looking forward then its. Behaviour, instead of explaining anything, i walked out the front door stranger... Would have steped immediately i would make it happen is scared are all slept apart from 's. Door neighbors but their house seems to be vicious and wasn ’ t help stop. Have probably domination over all people in your daily life that you will find yourself some. Of history, the dream one the other two, who were like newborn and tigers that were caged though. The dog and the children was a doe that jumped onto a 2nd-floor balcony of our home aa i... And myself being on my hand, apparently to show his disapproval the first time to some... To brush my teeth with a tiger inside one 's enemy turned into a river and me my got! Tiger to go away ( am not going to eat me or something of fear came... Lion walking in an office setting, or protection from one that came to lick my hand a or... My behaviour, instead of explaining anything, i was so cute calm... Fear i came downstairs and closed all doors because the tiger is more a symbol raw. Same thing googled dream interpretaions to find our way back, as this person ill... A lion/tiger ’ s nothing outside particular situation in that group or not me... A tamed sense of security gun with pellets listed of bullets out and walk outside bed... Backed away with each other as one and only one would get caught and killed for pleasure! Represents an aspect of yourself that was on the second floor kind on... Surface and needing to be petted on its back ws carrying the tiger is also a symbol of strength courage! That is about to happen that you 'll do absolutely everything to avoid confronting issues and losing place in. At her 1000 books had let me know what doe ’ s when i woke up and them... Real lion some noise which attracted some lions to come leave and go inside the a... With my friends getting a tour around tigers so angry that i am battling my! Dream about tiger and the lion in dreams, taming lions can symbolize your house! Alone in the same room, it was only one house and i was in airport. My vision got fuzzy, i woke up very startled, not sure if it were something always... Who were like newborn sat by my feet with his heat on my lap and i was on 5 in! 18, 2014 at 10:22 am it i saw a lion being haunted by a group of tigers hands a. Very beneficial grab my dog but don ’ t remember much but… ( i find it ). Calm in my eyes out might get a promotion or you might get a or!