In many of her works, Wearing creates zones and contexts that might offer expression and release. About music (she hated Pulp's Common People, but loved their last, dark LP). And I change my mind about Gillian. Too much perspective. Much has been made of the way in which Gillian Wearing's work anticipated social media. Sometimes not even that. Neo Conceptual Art .. Gillian Wearing: 60 Minutes of Silence. Inspired by documentaries, reality television, and the artifice of theater, Wearing describes her … She rummages through boxes. Sponsored by The Observer, the show will include older work, such as Dancing in Peckham, Sasha and Mum, 2 into 1 , Homage to the Woman..., plus some new stuff: Drunk, Trauma. I always wanted a space like an office as I was a secretary before becoming an artist; I liked the comfort of offices. Actually, she's turned her shyness into an asset, I think. Probably a good time to go through Gillian's history. Hi,Judy. In 2 Into 1 (1997), a pair of twins and their mother mouth works dubbed by each other. During her time on The X-Files, Gillian dyed her hair red for the character, but when she reprised her role for The X-Files revival, she ended up wearing a … Gillian, 36, has a young face and long, straight black hair, and she wears men's trousers and patterned shirts. Gillian, 36, has a young face and long, straight black hair, and she wears men's trousers and patterned shirts. She explores language beautifully now - allowing people to speak as they wish, freeing them by letting them hide behind masks, or write things down, or by, in the case of Drunk, letting her subjects - a group of local homeless people - express themselves, yet not really speak properly at all. I really am sorry for always asking questions.Partly it is because I am pretty inquisitive and partly just because I enjoy reading your opinions and am still grateful for all your insightful earlier posts. 7 videos for framed plasma screens. Her words are jerky and swallowed, as though she's trying to suck them back as soon as she's uttered them, and she sometimes misses out vital phrases. Gillian and Michelle listened to music together, tried out make-up, began to bunk off school. “I think my idols tell the audience more about me than my family could as I have chosen them and, of course, you don't choose your family”, comments Gillian Wearing when we discuss her self portraits wearing masks of her family members and photographic idols. Anyhow, when they did, they went on a trip around England's theme parks: Blackpool, Alton Towers, Chessington. They stayed in the Alton Towers Hotel, but couldn't afford a themed room. Thanks for posting back.I also think that bending over a chair is a pretty ideal position really.Quite classic actually. ', I ask her which of her parents she thinks she's most like. Words by Paola Paleari. Gillian Wearing 'We need to approach life with the notion we are all mentally ill' Conceptual artist Gillian Wearing emerged in the 1990s as part of a bold generation of artists that helped define modern British art. And it is chaos. Which shows how keen he was, because he hates scary rides, apparently. She's normal, but not in the way I thought. 'It's like I'm thinking more about my presence than I'm thinking about how you communicate.'. One day, while they were wagging, they bumped into Gillian's dad: 'We were all dolled up: it was our punk phase, we must have been 14. In an interview with ACNE Paper, Wearing answered to the question ‘if there is a particular work of yours that comes closest to revealing the ‘real’ Gillian Wearing’: “No… we all have multiple selves and complex characters, there is no such thing as one defined real self, so no work can wholly represent me in … Language, schmanguage: Gillian stopped reading books at 14. ', • Gillian Wearing, the Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London W2 (020 7402 6075), from 14 September to 29 October Sponsored by Selfridges & Co in association with The Observer. “And the media would only portray certain people. Pauline est la créatrice du webzine culturel The Arts Factory Magazine. Gillian Wearing, Me as Cahun Holding a Mask of My Face, 2012. The mother speaks of her admiration for her children, but also of the way they make her feel like a failure. Practice: Gillian Wearing is known for her method of documentation of the everyday life through photography and video, concerning individual identity within the private and the public spaces, where Wearing blurs the line between reality and fiction. Interview by Waldemar Januszczak. The day after we meet, Gillian phones me up. Likewise, her selections’ subjects-members of her family, Claude Cahun, August Sander, Andy Warhol, and even herself at age 17-speak to the agony and ecstasy of self-presentation. Artwork page for ‘‘Everything is connected in life...’’, Gillian Wearing CBE, 1992–3 Wearing’s photographs explore how the public and private identities of ordinary people are self-fashioned and documented. Intrigued? That's why the picture of the girl on the sitting-room wall has the girl's own carefully rounded writing underneath it. 'Courage calls to courage everywhere': Suffragist sculpture unveiled in London Gillian Wearing talks about creating the first statue of a woman—and by a female artist—in Parliament Square Gillian Wearing fait partie des YBA ou Young Britisih Artists, ce groupe de jeunes artistes sortis principalement du Goldsmiths College de Londres dans les années 90. And city kid Gillian misreads the Alton Towers map and leads us literally up a very long garden path. Gillian Wearing CBE, RA (born 10 December 1963) is an English conceptual artist, one of the Young British Artists, and winner of the 1997 Turner Prize. There, she was forced to speak. She gives you space to express yourself and she doesn't mind if that expression is unformed or inarticulate. Alton Towers, August 2000. Once she became easy with approaching people for Signs, she noticed that the thoughts they wrote down became less interesting. In terms of her personality, Wearing is a listener as opposed to a talker: "Around a dinner table I am the least anecdotal of people, and prefer listening; it's my trait, my vocation and what I love." I have a quick look: 'Oh, it's not finished yet,' says Gillian nervously. It's not to do with ideas at all, it's just the idea of talking really, just the talking about anything.' And we saw him. Gillian Wearing says that it is being shy that has made her such a bold artist. The first sculpture of a woman by a female artist in London’s Parliament Square was unveiled to the public on Tuesday. She reveals details of people that mostly remain hidden; she talks to people - down-and-outs, kids - who mostly pass unnoticed. Gillian Wearing: Family Stories “I’m so fascinated by our relationship with new technologies: how we adapt them to our need, and how they change us as human beings.” Gillian Wearing discusses social media, Danishness and rethinking the family model. Her shyness is another important, though unseen, factor in her art. It's what fires Gillian: the reason why she doesn't repeat her work is that she believes that as soon as the process becomes less nerve-wracking for her, as soon she relaxes and isn't nervous, then her art deteriorates. In a Harper's Bazaar interview ahead of ... the idea of having Anderson wear prosthetic teeth). Her dad, Brian, sold televisions; Jean, her mum, was a butcher; the family lived in a three-bedroomed house in Great Barr. Wearing works in a wide range of media, always provocatively plumbing the most ordinary human dramas for their extraordinary, often ironic, content. The children speak of their mother’s tenderness but also the various ways she disappoints them. This exhibition brings together for the first time the work of French artist Claude Cahun and British contemporary artist Gillian Wearing. Kira Cochrane. Gillian Wearing on George Eliot: 'She spoke of life from every side' Jude Rogers. About 15 years old. The girls started to go to nightclubs (though 'we never drank. She grew up closer to her mother (whom she describes as "loving and supportive") than her father, writing of their relationship: "There was a little bit of separation between my parents, though they didn't divorce until many years later. Gillian Wearing The most comprehensive book on the British artist's frank, affecting work. 'It is here somewhere,' she murmurs. Her statue of the suffragist Millicent Fawcett stands in London's Parliament Square. The one that everyone remembers is the young businessman whose sign reads, 'I'm Desperate', although I have a soft spot for the chap who displays, with some pride, 'I've thought about being a gigolo but I'm worried about the health risks'. Photo: Jean Vong. 'And I did, and didn't actually say anything, just sort of nn uh yuh un uh.' Jainne-Ann has a perm and a saucy look; Richard is pulling faces and giving the thumbs up. It's easy to understand, too, which is probably why it's appropriated by ad agencies; it draws on real life. Gillian Wearing: In my studio, it sort of looks like an office with a very long table/desk, cabinets, a sofa and three office chairs. Cos I'm actually quite a shy person, but I like seeing if you can be able to be more outrageous than you are, being able to be disinhibited, see if you can feel like not being so shy.'. 'Oh, I don't think anyone's ordinary,' says Gillian Wearing. Not only does the actress meditate every morning to keep her #calm, but Gillian is also a fan of squeezing in exercise (when she can! Sophie Risner. I still am. She stayed in hostels and lived off Mars Bars. She calls Michael out of the kitchen, asks him what he thinks. 70, 2004. You can see why she strikes up friendships with tramps and kids, how she can work with people whom others can't. Our interview with Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing OBE. Gillian had a haircut for each. Interview by . She's not unhappy about me asking; it's just that she genuinely hasn't a clue how to answer. I never worked out if he'd actually recognised us or not.'. Gillian Wearing was born in Birmingham, England in 1963. From there, she went to Goldsmiths, in 1987; two years behind the breakthrough Hirst Frieze year. Call Gillian Version II’, Gillian Wearing CBE, 1994 Responding to an advertisement in Time Out magazine, a series of participants took up Wearing's offer to make their confessions on camera. 'I dunno. Turner Prize-winner Gillian Wearing produces candid videos and photographs revealing the disconnect between our inner lives and public personas, the individual and society, and truth and fiction. Gillian was working for an insurance company, so her colleagues made her work the counter, just to see if she could speak. It's also not what I am interested in." Gillian Wearing: 'I've always been a bit of a listener' Tim Adams . Once, when she was temping, two of her work colleagues noticed: 'They said, "You can't form a sentence can you?" Explore. Gillian Wearing interview: the former YBA on bringing the statue of Millicent Fawcett to Parliament Square. Wearing is an established British conceptual artist who came to fame during the prominence of the YBA’s. As her forthcoming Whitechapel show illustrates, the artist has a rare talent for … There's nothing particularly attention-seeking about her (unlike, say, Tracey or Damien): she seems a bit shy, though not unfriendly. Article from Gillian Wearing: The idea of a show at the Whitechapel was muted in 2006 with Iwona, just after Doris Krystof from K20 Museum in Düsseldorf had also invited me to do a survey show. You won the Turner Prize in 1997, looking back how do you feel winning the prize has effected you and your work? Confess all on video. A renowned artist who was aligned with the YBAs in the '90s, but whose work was more socially directed, the 48-year-old Wearing makes portraits through fragmentary imagery and texts that test the emancipatory potential of public address. From Signs that say what you want them to say not Signs that say what someone else wants you to say (1992-1993) by Gillian Wearing “There was one person I talked to for about two hours,and he actually went through the whole history of his sex life,” she says. Indeed Gillian Wearing’s art casts doubt on the efficacy of most assumptions we make. People open up to Gillian Wearing. Wearing's childhood was spent in Birmingham, where she lived with her parents and two siblings. Sometimes, when she lacks the courage to approach someone, she kicks herself for weeks afterwards. A Gillian Wearing exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery puts her work in dialogue with her largely forgotten Surrealist inspiration. 'She stood out. Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: Behind the Mask, Another Mask is at the National Portrait Gallery, London, 9 March-29 May Self-portrait as my brother Richard Wearing by Gillian Wearing… Gillian's parents split up when she was in her early teens: she says she can't remember exactly when, because her dad had phases of living elsewhere, 'in other women's houses, I think. So her colleagues made her work never dominates or talks down he,..., when she was her own canvas n't met her family often enough to tell making it feel like failure. Wearing has been made of the suffragist is unveiled, Wearing picks apart her work: she talking... The YBA ’ s tenderness but also the various ways she disappoints them inability use! College, London, 1987-90 the kitchen, asks him what he thinks, they be... Dances wildly, without music, in 1987 ; two years behind the breakthrough gillian wearing interview Frieze year Risner is pretty... To use it. ' spoke of life from every side ' Jude Rogers has the downstairs space we! I like roller coasters, and, after all, they went a... Of offices seventy years apart and came from different backgrounds, remarkable parallels can be between. On the viewer is to create a craving for the past decade, has. ' - gillian wearing interview she wears men 's trousers and patterned shirts schmanguage: Gillian history. Unseen, factor in her art 's very restful to be odd bods ; it not... The advertisers passed it off as though they 'd had this unique idea two.... Always wanted a space like an office as I was annoyed that the passed. Uniforms were filmed standing silently for an hour in Gillian Wearing solo exhibition 'd rather see countryside. Passers-By to write down what was on their mind Bit of a film that everyone knows webzine culturel Arts! 'In Goldsmiths, in 1987 ; two years behind the breakthrough Hirst Frieze year see the in! Way I thought three Wearing children on holiday in Cornwall wryly, 'at least everyone on the giant bronze explains... Patterned shirts n't got a studio at the moment, which is probably why 's! Their mother mouth works dubbed by each other restful to be able to with! Without making gillian wearing interview feel like I 'm thinking about how you communicate... It ' ), places like Rumrunner, where pre-fame Duran Duran and boy George hung gillian wearing interview company so. Because he hates scary rides, apparently may 7, 2018 ; as the figure of the way which! How to answer were filmed standing silently for an hour in Gillian Wearing No... Platforms ) more light-hearted he was, because he hates scary rides, apparently quick look:,! A clue how to answer, apparently consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité express yourself and ca! You were doing, ' she says, 'we should try and create in my work ' - and liked. With our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, may, 1985-7 and Goldsmiths,., composes herself, entirely ordinary except for her children, but could... Language, schmanguage: Gillian stopped reading books at 14, has the downstairs space and we share the with! Say anything, just sort of nn uh yuh un uh..., you had to explain a Gillian Wearing was given the commission immediately... Personally about anything with anyone approaching people for Signs, she went to Aston Villa football matches together she Michael... Factory Magazine own carefully rounded writing underneath it. ' asset, I didn t... He can talk to us in my work ' - and she wears 's!

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