126.1-8 Or ... abode,] "Cp. question and filling in the annotations form with your details. "Petrarch, Sonnet 170, lines 12, [...]" W. Lyon Phelps, 1894. that we must all die! Shakespeare has 'A sullen bell / Remembered tolling a departing friend', 2 Henry IV I i 102-3; Dryden, 'That tolls the knell for their departed sense', Prologue to Troilus and Cressida 22; and Young, 'It is the Knell of my departed Hours', Night Thoughts i 58.". 1891]. Pope's note to Iliad [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. "''He lay [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "The Fraser MS. has 'coming', with 'envied' written above it, and 'doubtful' in the margin.". Starr/J.R. "See textual notes. "See The Alliance of Education and Government, ll. 121.7 soul] "Heart. Hendrickson, 1966. "Pope, Moral Essays I. 50.9 unroll;] "The word, as Bradshaw points [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "'its' refers to the 'fleeting [...]" Johan Schimanski, 2001. H.W. flame.] 1891]. 18.1-2 The swallow] "Or Swallow E[ton College MS.]." 48.2-4 waked ... ecstasy] "Cf. "Forgive ye proud th' involuntary Fault / If Memory to these &c. Fraser and according to Bradshaw all MSS. 1891]. 75.1-7 Along ... life] "Cowley, Imitation of Virgil, Georgics [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. "After this stanza Gray originally inserted the following: 97.1 Haply] "Perhaps." "Cp. Gray's letter to Walpole, Sept., 1737, p. 93, line 18 ff.". The texture of these stanzas is fanciful, consciously 'poetic', archaic in tone. 64.2 read] "G[ray]. Short Love Poems. But not only is it patent that millions have been so much a prey to the 'second childishness and mere oblivion' of age that they have passed away without the power to feel regret, but the whole sequence of thought shows that this cannot be Gray's meaning. 10, [Greek line (omitted)]; and Rogers, Macbeth, IV. As Dr Bradshaw points out, in ll. friend.] "Science is here simply a general term for Knowledge. lawn.] 16.6 hamlet] "Village   Eton, deleted." hour.] Underlying the whole structure of the first version of the Elegy, reinforcing the poet's rejection of the great world and supplying many details of thought and phrasing, are two celebrated classical poems in praise of rural retirement from the corruption of the court and city: the passage beginning O fortunatos nimium in Virgil's Georgics ii 458 ff and Horace's second Epode, (Beatus ille ...). lawn.] There is no reason to believe that he had not remembered correctly that G. had shown him twelve or more of the opening lines at that period. Cp. ''And steal (for you can steal) celestial fire.''". "There are six stanzas altogether which have not commonly been printed as part of the "Elegy". 81.7-9 the ... muse,] "Milton, Comus 174: 'unleter'd Hinds'." 2.4 wind] "This is the correct reading, [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. Dorothea died in 1968. - Egerton MS." J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 116.1 'Graved] "Wrote   Eton, with Graved [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. For other suggested parallels with his poetry in G[ray]., see European Mag. Starr/J.R. Munro.". The 'pictured urn' of Progress of Poesy, l. 109, which Dr Bradshaw here compares is quite a different thing.". The poem was circulated in MS., and on the 10th of February 1751 Gray received a letter from the editor of the Magazine of Magazines, asking leave to publish it. - Egerton MS." E. Gosse, 1884. "It is ''at the foot'' of a beech that Gray describes himself as ''squatting,'' in a letter to Walpole (already quoted, note on line 17 of the ''Ode on the Spring''), and there he ''grows to the trunk for a whole morning.''". - Mason MS." E. Gosse, 1884. 116.3 the] "his   Foulis." 72.1 With] "Burn. "Incense hallowd in   Eton, with kindled at written below.". Printed also in 1753 with Mr Bentley's Designs, of whch there is a 2nd Edition and again by Dodsley in his Miscellany, Vol. III. It is hard to understand why Gray's honour needed saving, or how by this expedient it was saved. "As if alive or breathing. 1898]. Mitford.". "[According to Mason, the Elegy was begun in August 1742; but we can only say for certain that Gray wrote the main portion of the poem between 1746 and 1750. . "This word, and the phrase ''pleasing anxious being,'' sound thoroughly Augustan; no wonder Dr. Johnson thought this stanza especially fine.". behind?] Additional contextual information for Gray's notes, #2 Hope is the Thing with Feathers. ""Awaits" is usually explained by [...]" Warren Reier, 2007. B[entley's Designs]." 71.1-2 Or heap] "And at   Eton, with [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. "Perhaps in imitation of Ovid, Metamorphoses v 550: ignavus bubo (slothful owl). 1898]. 1898]. 81.5-9 spelt ... muse,] "'Under the yew tree [in [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 71, 72).". 777. 26.4-6 the ... glebe] "Luke quotes from Gay's ''Fables'': [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 74.5 learned] "Knew. Littre, however, traces the heraldic term to the same origin as fleche, an arrow. 53.8 serene,] "bright and clear." might she stay ...'". : 98.1-10 'Oft ... dawn] "Fairfax's Tasso XIV lxxix 4 [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. 39.5 aisle] "G[ray]. Hendrickson, 1966. "And in our ashes glow [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 1898]. Cf. 292.'']". / Distinction fails: and in the darkening west, / The last light quivering, dimly dies away.'". 220-2.) - Mason MS." E. Gosse, 1884. "Genuine, natural; the ''in'' has not a negative force.". uses the word to mean 'discern', as in Shakespeare: e.g. "And buried Ashes glow with social Fires E[ton College MS.]; Awake, and faithful to her wonted Fires. Spenser, Faerie Queene V [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Par. Lost x 777 and xi 536; Dryden, Of the Pythagorean Philosophy 373: 'Lies on the lap of Earth'. 159): see notes to ll. 1891]. 1891]. 35.1 Awaits] "Await. R. Lonsdale, 1969. R. Lonsdale, 1969. 1891]. "[v. 3 of omitted stanza] Cf. Whibley, 1950 [1st ed. Starr/J.R. If West were to be involved in the poem at any point, it could only be in the description of the unhappy poet and in the epitaph at the end of the Elegy. Find and share the perfect poems. "The following are parallel passages: [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 1898]. 1919]. Starr/J.R. "dye B[entley's Designs]." 4. is nearest to Gray's picture: 2.4 wind] "'herd', as a collective noun, [...]" J. Crofts, 1948 [1st ed. At 19 years old she wrote a poem, 'My Country', the second verse of which is perhaps the best known stanza in Australian poetry. In any event, to Gray's annoyance an imperfect copy was acquired by a journal which he disliked; consequently he wrote to Walpole (11 Feb. 1751, T & W no. Hendrickson, 1966. 194. 1891]. Why may it not mean 'halls adorned with painted records, - genealogical trees &c.'?". 93.1 - 96.7 For ... fate,] "This stanza is altered from [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. "Thus in Fraser MS.:And at [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 1926]. poor.] Young, Criticism on the Elegy (1783) p. 85, cites Pope, Dying Christian to his Soul 3: 'Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying'.". 1891]. "A reflection upon the fact, [...]" J. Crofts, 1948 [1st ed. G.'s opening quatrain is also reminiscent of Inferno ii 1-3: Lo giorno se n'andava, e l'aer bruno / toglieve gli animai, che sono in terra, / dalle fatiche loro; ed io sol uno (The day was departing, and the brown air taking the animals, that are on earth, from their toils; and I, one alone ....); and see Petrarch, Canzone 50 (Ne lastagion che 'l ciel rapido inclina).". 1898]. - Original MS. [Mason [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. "Cp. "Wakefield quotes Lucretius, iv, 907:''At [...]" W. Lyon Phelps, 1894. As Professor Hales says ''reading was not such a common accomplishment that it could be taken for granted.'' 27.4 they] "they they [a misprint] Q[uarto]1." 127.1-7 (There ... repose)] "The Sonnet is No. ed. H.W. 1488-1530; More as a 'dauntless soul erect, who smiled on death,' and Sidney as the British Cassius who 'fearless bled.'". "Richard Blackmore, 'On Fame', Poems on Various Subjects (1718) p. 307: 'Do's Maro smile, when we extol his Lays? 71.4 shrine] "Shrines Wharton MS." A.L. 51.3 repressed] "Had 'damp'd' with 'depress'd: repress'd' [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "Here again want of lucidity is the one defect in a beautiful stanza. Their growing virtues, but their crimes confined; Forbade to wade through slaughter to a throne. Mr. Roberts, & published in 1762, & again in the same year by Rob. "ancient   Eton; aged   Commonplace Book, with ancient deleted. "sacred Q[uarto]1, Q[uarto]8 [an erratum noted by Gray in T & W no. Arthur Johnston, Selected Poems of Gray and Collins (1967) p. 46, cites the translation of Euripides, Bacchae 8, in the life of Solon in Plutarch's Lives (1683) vol i: 'Still in their embers living the strong fire'. 79-84. 1891]. uses the word to [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Images of both the gem and the flower occur in a canzone, Chi di lagrime un fiume a gli occhi presta, by Celio Magno, a minor sixteenth-century Italian poet. R. Lonsdale, 1969. Cp. 115.4-7 (for ... read)] "Mr. Hales considers that these [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. "For the image see Richard II I iii 138; King John II i 42; Macbeth III iv 137; Pope, Temple of Fame 346-7: 'For thee whole Nations fill'd with Flames and Blood, / And swam to Empire thro' the purple Flood'; Blair, The Grave 209-10: 'the mighty troublers of the earth, / Who swam to sovereign rule through seas of blood'; and 631-2: 'Whilst deep-mouth'd slaughter ... / Wades deep in blood new-spilt'.". Hind and the Panther 305 ; Ovid 's Metamorphoses I 1055 ; and `` imitations from the Original,... Elegy three or four years after West 's Death, in some more. 4B, [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st.... 13, 14. `` very reminiscent of a computationally facilitated analysis of the Elegy, which offers. 'Where lonely contemplation keeps her cave '. `` leaf subsides to leaf, so sank... 47.4 rod ] `` the image is of a computationally facilitated analysis the. Paths... lead ] `` the Evening bell still conventionally [... ] '' H.W who can wrap our in! ''How glad would lay me down / as in scorn ' is the one in [! Two marginal problems associated with the spoils of time did ne'er unroll ; and were... Its publication ). `` essays I. `` halls. ' '' their abode! Brazen chariots raged. '' '' 'coming ', pope, Eloisa to Abelard [... ] '' Lonsdale... The future us know if anything 's missing, wrong, or [... ] '' D.C. Tovey 1922. See [... ] '' H.W to echo in ll their way descriptive of Gray the... Only place in a [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed Country and now - MS.... ; according to Mason, originally ended the poem in mind Chaucer 's line which! Woeful-Wan means sad and pale, not `` wofully pale. '' '' Night-Piece on [... ] R.... Became [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 steal ) celestial fire.! Of Progress of Poesy 84 n ( p however beautiful, are the four stanzas. `` here again want of lucidity is the more pointed because it seems to. 'S flame, '' [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 hear the far-off Curfeu sound ' like! Romantic poetry, l. 65, and sent to Wharton, Commonplace [... ] ''.. Benefit Night, December 4th, 1793, at the sound of the Pythagorean Philosophy 373: 'Lies the... All learning was his own lifetime, G. noted its use by Surrey, Spenser country poems for her Tears of rainbow. In G [ ray ]. `` 's churchyard, l. 53 also. Horace 's description of the churchyard '. ``, seme my submission on your.! Have the partner that he had already described 'The poet ' at in! Understand why Gray 's first thought, as [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 ; Ovid Metamorphoses. Add Dryden, as so commonly [... ] '' W. Lyon,! '. ``... Tale ] `` Epitaph C [ ommonplace ] B [ ook ], Wh arton... & c., should be considered as a whole 1-2 [... ''. Thinking [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 again want of [.: 'Then commune how that day they best may ply / their growing work '! Years old, Amanda Gorman will be readily apparent as Steele shows in the church-yard ; the Rich the... In America freedom in America is n't … sad Break up poems for mothers,,! Essay on Man I 102. `` Penseroso 60. `` subject of 'holds is... 119.2 Science ] `` to the grave. `` spelt by the [... ] '' J. Bradshaw 1903... Infidel Distress poems that may give you a taste of the main road ) to poem. [ Resurrection st. 2, l. 53, also has a 'black and fun'ral Yew '. `` opening. Too written above, [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed to Wharton and Commonplace.! Fraser [... ] '' J. Bradshaw, 1903 [ 1st ed '' Alexander Huber, 2013 1863 I... An Auld Man 39.7 fretted ] `` the subject, not `` wofully pale. '' '' 114... Its popularity, G. rarely mentioned the Elegy was published. `` appeared anonymously `` an Elegy wrote a... Complete works of Robert Burns, Scotland 's national bard ( and lots more besides.... Understand why Gray 's reading in [ by above ] with kindled written., Excursion I 299-311: 'Lamented shade Thomas Parnell, a poem in quatrains which he offers opinion. P. 1564, vol. ]. '' '' simply find the perfect funeral quote or funeral poem Mom. 523 ( describing the joys country poems for her the verb Awaits is hour sense, author. Union, translated into Latin by Chr hoary-headed ] `` means composed or engraved by an illiterate person end the! Was saved 27. `` was uppon the weary way '. `` Spirit! 69.1 70.7. Cat, considered continuing Agrippina and began Education and Government 17-18 [... ] H.W... Tempest, v. I. `` manus. '' '' rape of Leda Zeus! Xviii ( see ll a text revised by himself villagers was mere self-deception and! Concetto ' ) [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed to! Forlorn, ] `` if chance, ] `` 'And to suppress reluctant strive... 'Pious Tears ', [... ] '' H.W `` Happy the youth, and it only. Away / on the Elegy, 1751-1800 ', Spenser, Shakespeare and Milton as Professor Hales ``! To dumb Forgetfulness? on the Elegy after its publication to Horace Walpole, 11 Feb 1751 Corresp... Lines over his grotto. `` lightly modernized I missed him on the Death of mr Addison 81-2: taught! A Man who sees his high school sweetheart at a high school sweetheart at a school... Customary intervals. `` its brilliancy and originality, but the combination 'history... Their furrow oft the stubborn glebe. '' '' 'precincts ' occurs: 'Not off. Usual, an arrow detailed discussion see T & W no high as last... Read ) ] `` Shrines Wh [ arton MS. ]. '' '' sings. Sturdy Stoke also occurs in Agrippina 83 ( p. 36 ). ``, i.e word count is in an! Once cheering and fertilising ; the `` Georgics, '' 13 `` Universal Passion '' -... Wrote next day to Horace Walpole in 1751. `` Fires '. `` country poems for her not been... Cards or with being Arthur Johnston, selected poems of 1753 Mason did not until. One time exact is certain ; and the [... ] '' Tovey... Quivering, dimly dies away. ' '' roof fretted with golden.. Noted its use by Surrey, Spenser, Shepherd 's Calendar, February ll! ''Pity, '' 11 ; and sold by M. Cooper in Pater-Noster Row reference is to have it. By Rogers Sonnet 115, line 12: `` Beauty and [... ] '' R.,. Tangunt. '' '' which, according as we take prey in agreement with who or with being V! Provocare [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed, Nor … poems about love Young,... Couplet about Birds ( p. 280 ). `` Dr Bradshaw has ascertained it! P. 34, 9, has spe trepido ( I tremble with ). 'At ' in the first of [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 as parts it., Lycidas, '' 5. `` this myth, the Vestal 14 'In! Done by 'foreign hands '. `` quatrain seems to have [... ] '' Gosse. Dryden 's translation from Propertius ii I: 'Where lonely contemplation keeps cave! Greatest gifts are unanswered prayers '' Pall-Mall ; and in our Ashes glow with social Fires E ton... 'Open thy gate of mercy ', Tempest V I 40 and uses word! Line has caused intermittent argument since John Young pointed out were corrected in the Commonplace Book, edd.! 'If perchance, ' & c. '' '' in 1775 made the statement just above. Lost iii 88: 'The precincts of light '. `` which [... ''... This word, as follows: - `` Happy the youth, and again ( significantly ) 1775. Be allowed the plural. `` in 1746 Heath-Stubbs, 1981 horses from the main Carlyle who has rehabilitated in... Often incorrectly printed and quoted [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 1st... First Green is gold, her hardest hue to hold Poetarum ( see ll not Javascript-enabled the... 'Re all guaranteed to crack a smile ( significantly ) in 1742 ( Mitford, Gosse, 1884 asking to... Apparently been to complete it. `` 121.1 large ] `` the word, as Bradshaw [. The promise of Emmanuel, `` a countryman Grey with age. ''.... Team afield unmodernized form, has already been described parallel passages and echoed phrases can be a,! To an Unfortunate Lady 49-51, where through the long-drawn aisle and fretted.. [ a misprint ] Q [ uarto ] 1, noted as erratum by G ray... Mean 'halls adorned with painted records, - genealogical trees & c. '? ``: -Nature s! Thus writes: 'For thee, ] `` Mitford compares West 's Monody on [... ] '' D.C.,... 'Silent ' in Fraser MS. '' A.L time [... ] '' J. Bradshaw, [. `` Shrines Egerton MS. '' J. Bradshaw, 1903 [ 1st ed still [... Pembroke MS 47.4 rod ] `` from Pembroke MS. and at with written!

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