Without its ability, Abomasnow would certainly be overlooked by many players. Abomasnow is a notable Special Sweeper. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Introduction and Hangout Thread , … Check out the Smogon Starters Hangout for everything you need to know about starting out in the community. Life Orb boosts the power of Abomasnow's damaging moves by 1.3x but it then loses 1/10 its max HP immediately after the attack. PP Effect % Leech Seed--90: 10--Details: A seed is planted on the foe. Abomasnow is a unique Pokemon due to its signature ability in Snow Warning allowing it to summon hail upon entry and therefore progressively wear down the wide majority of Pokemon in the metagame, including the omnipresent Steel-types, which can be a huge asset for … Against the former, Lanturn walls all common rain sweepers bar Ludicolo, while against the latter, Lanturn resists Blizzard and is only threatened by Abomasnow.Thunder gains perfect accuracy in rain, and hits Politoed and rain sweepers, such as Kabutops and Kingdra, hard. It steals some HP from the foe to heal the user on every turn. View strategies and more for Abomasnow on the Smogon Strategy Pokedex. Acc. Att. Also, since hail is the least common weather, it does get some use on balanced teams as an … Abomasnow Pokémon Serebii.net Pokédex providing all details on moves, stats, abilities, evolution data and locations for Pokémon Sword & Shield Also, Abomasnow is excruciatingly slow, so it needs considerable Speed investment to outpace most defensive Pokemon and is incapable of outspeeding the majority of offensive Pokemon; even with maximum Speed investment, Abomasnow is unable to outspeed Pokemon such as Umbreon and Porygon2 unless it uses a Speed-boosting nature. However, it is the only fully evolved Pokemon with Snow Warning, making it a staple on hail teams. This set combines all of Lanturn's best qualities to create a set that can defeat most rain and hail teams. With Snow Warning banned after the BW generation ended, Abomasnow finds itself in an unfortunate position of being in a tier way higher than its viability should allow. If being faster than opposing Abomasnow is a more important priority than getting hail up, an alternative EV spread of 156 HP / 252 SpA / … This moveset is designed to take down the opponent's team with high-damaging special attacks. Snow Warning changes the weather to Hail when Abomasnow is sent out onto the field. The EVs maximize Abomasnow's Special Attack, as it is somewhat mediocre; the rest of the EVs go into HP, as Abomasnow does not want Speed. Classification: Height: Weight: Capture Rate: Base Egg Steps: Frosted Tree Pokémon: 7'03" 2.2m: 298.7lbs 135.5kg: 60: 5,120 Welcome to Smogon! Egg Moves ; Attack Name Type Cat.